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Grand Square Studios - Birmingham

Like London, Birmingham has a cultural and amenity mix that is the envy of many world cities

It is the UK's second most populous city, with a population of approximately 1.1million - the next biggest is Leeds with approx 770,000. Birmingham is the UK's largest centre for employment in public administration, education and health. It has six (6!) universities, with around 65,000 students in higher education

The GDP of the urban area is about £90bn, the second largest in the UK

It has more parks than any other European City, with around 6 million trees!

The roots of what Birmingham has become were observed by the Czech composer Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904) - "I'm here in this immense industrial city where they make excellent knives, scissors, springs, files and goodness knows what else, and, besides these, music too. And how well! It's terrifying how much the people here manage to achieve."

This manifests itself today into a vibrant social and cultural hub, and an excellent location for a city centre investment property


Grand Square Studios - Birmingham

  • 38 studios priced from £74,900 to £79,900
  • 8% NET assured rent for five years
  • 3% interest paid on deposit monies until completion
  • Residential and student suitable
  • Completion October 2016

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UK Cities house prices grow at 6.4% in past year, down from 7.8%

Manchester prices top the growth table at 8.8%

Tenant demand outstripping supply, as usual

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Interest rates will be low for longer

Interest rate at or below current level for at least five years


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