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Constructions skills shortage, not planning, is probably root of house shortage

08 Jan 2016

A study released by the Local Government Association shows that at least since 2008, the number of houses given planning permission has significantly outnumbered the amount of houses being built, and that the time taken from permission to completion has grown from 21 to 32 months

The construction industry's skills shortage is highlighted by the fact that the annual recruitment need is up 54% from 2013, but there are 10,000 fewer construction qualifications awarded by colleges, universities and apprenticeships. Additionally, there were 58% fewer construction apprenticeships completed last year compared to 2009

The study also shows that enough planning permissions were granted in 2013/14 and 2014/15 to meet the government's recent new housebuilding target of 200,000 per year - 207,000 and 212,000 respectively

Some developers may also be guilty of intentionally delaying housebuilding over this period, as the value of the land has, and will increase further, whilst the current demand for housing increases

For the full Local Government Association release see here


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