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RICS: London prices to fall but regions to continue rising

13 Feb 2015

The RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) survey for January was released yesterday, showing varying conditions across the UK

Rents and house prices are expected to rise throughout the UK over the next three months, but prices (not rents) are expected to fall in London. In Yorkshire and Humberside, The North, The North West, West and East Midlands, between 5% and 25% of surveyors expect rents and prices to rise. Approx 38% think London rents will rise, but 20% think prices will fall

The RICS survey is considered one of the best forward-looking housing indicators, as it observes behaviour right at the beginning of the renting/buying process. All the above figures are calculated on a 'net balance' basis, ie 25% means 25% more surveyors expect a rise than a fall. The outcomes have a range of -100 to 100%, so -100% would mean that all surveyors expect a fall

Go Global Student comment: All of our currently available properties are in the regions with positive expectations above, where we give projected outcomes for both rent and capital value appreciations of 3% per annum. The RICS survey shows surveyors' five year expectations for both rent and capital value to increase by 4%+


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