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The company’s founders have been working in property and investments for 25 years collectively, and are keen to help you build your investment property portfolio with confidence. They also want you to enjoy the whole process and experience, so you’ll use us again and again, and also say good things to others about Go Global Investments.

Some types of buy-to-let, and purpose built student accommodation, are currently doing very well and look set to continue into the future. However, most people aren’t aware of the potential pitfalls, nor the developments and areas that are most likely to give the best ongoing return – that’s where we come in. Just tell us your expectations, budget and where you want to be in the upcoming years and we’ll explain the best opportunities for you.

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UK Cities house prices grow at 6.4% in past year, down from 7.8%

Manchester prices top the growth table at 8.8%

Tenant demand outstripping supply, as usual

Despite government measures against buy-to-let, fewer landlords expect to sell

Masters Degree demand fuels expansion of campuses

More graduates now studying for masters degree

Taylor Wimpey says UK housing market is proving resilient

Fears of a Brexit-induced fall in demand overdone....

Interest rates will be low for longer

Interest rate at or below current level for at least five years


Having never purchased a student investment property

"Having never purchased a student investment property we were a little curious as to how it worked, the risks involved and total costs involved.... 

I looked at 5 or 6 student accommodation schemes

"I looked at 5-6 student accommodation schemes, spoke to all of them.....

Investing in any property is always a cause of some anxiety

"Investing in any property is always a cause of some anxiety.....

What pleased me most about Go Global Investments

"What has pleased me the most about Go Global Investments is their communication....